1987 Custom Shop Mary Kaye Fender Stratocaster 

Owned, Played, and Signed by Brad Whitford of Aerosmith

This guitar has nearly 3 decades of history on tour with Aerosmith! 


Original Hardshell Case

Original 1987 photo taken by the Fender Custom Shop

 Original strings used by Brad Whitford, 

Aerosmith Certificate of Authenticity, 

Property of Aerosmith Guitar Tag on Headstock,

 Hand written letter from Brad Whitford to original purchaser

Price: $200,000 

Letter From Brad Whitford to Original Purchaser

Hand written letter to original buyer

Brad Whitford's 1987 Custom Shop Mary Kaye Fender Strat


Ranked as one of the "Top 100 Guitarist", Brad Whitford is a living music legend and was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with his band Aerosmith in 2001.  

Brad acquired this guitar in the early 90's and used it with his band Aerosmith for decades to follow.  He can be seen playing this guitar at Woodstock '94 and the 2010 Experience Hendrix Tour.  Its also believed to be the guitar used by Aerosmith at the end of Waynes World  Links below. 

"Crazy" - Aerosmith Woodstock '94
"Crying" - Aerosmith Woodstock '94
2010 Experience Hendrix

Guitar Gallery

Don't miss out on this one of a kind historic guitar from the legendary band Aerosmith!

Who Was Mary Kaye?

In 1957 Fender released their first artist model guitar named after Vegas performer Mary Kaye, AKA the "First Lady of Rock N Roll".  In the opening year of the Fender Custom Shop, Fender released a limited run of 30 year anniversary Mary Kaye guitars in her honor.  

Mary Kaye was a guitarist and phenomenal singer equal to Ella Fitsgerald or Sarah Vaughn, who was active from the 1940s through 1960s. Mary Kaye (born Malia Ka’aihue) descended from Hawaiian royalty in the line of Queen Liliuokalani, Hawaii’s last reigning monarch, and was born into a show business family.

The Mary Kaye Trio is credited with founding the Las Vegas “lounge” phenomenon at the Last Frontier in 1953, an all-night party atmosphere where stars and common folk rubbed elbows in a freewheeling environment.


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